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Editorial Guidelines

Looplane’s goal is to become a reliable resource for quality content by supporting Authors in developing a following from its community. In order to achieve this, Loops published on the site must adhere to the guidelines listed below so that only quality content will be visible for the community.


To ensure that our guidelines are followed, Moderators will review all submitted Loops before they are published live on the site. If the team finds your submission violates any of the guidelines or needs additional corrections or revisions, you will be able to edit your Loop to meet our requirements and re-submit. Loops are typically moderated within 72 hours.


  • All Loops must meet the site’s Terms of Use and Google’s AdSense Program Policy.
  • Looplane has an extensive list of categories and sub-categories to accommodate a vast number of topics that Authors may write about. However, there are a few restricted topics listed below.
  • Currently, Looplane only accepts content written in English, and all submissions must use proper grammar, spelling, capitalization, etc. Support for additional languages may be added in the future.

Adult Content

Adult content is not allowed on any Loop. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
• Sexually explicit content

• Sexual aids, toys, enhancements, fetishes, practices, tips, etc.

• Images and videos with nudity, obscenity, etc.

• Links to websites related to above

Content related to the above but written in a professional style may be considered.

Mature Content

Content related to those below are not allowed on Looplane:
• Images and videos with graphic violence, gore, abuse, etc.

• Inappropriate language and excessive profanity

• Topics related to weapons

• Topics related to gambling

• Topics related to illegal drugs

• Links to websites related to above

Titles, Categories, Summaries and Keywords

All Loops must have titles, summaries and keywords that are clearly related to the rest of its content. Furthermore, Authors are encouraged to be as specific as possible in writing titles and choosing keywords. Correctly choosing the right category for your content is also necessary, while Loops with an excessive amount of keywords will need to be revised.


Duplicate content is not allowed on Looplane. Loops are checked for plagiarism or substantial similarity with other content on the web. Moreover, Looplane assumes you have permission to use any photo you upload and will not be held liable for copyright violations.