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The Ex-Tasy: Signs You’re Still into Your Ex

posted 2 months ago

When you live in a tiny city, the odds of bumping into someone who broke your heart are incredibly high. The odds of bumping into your ex when you look like trash are even higher. After a break up, certain streets, locations even times of day are off-limits. The city becomes a deserted battlefield loaded up with emotional landmines. You have to be very careful where you step or you could be blown to pieces.

It can be very difficult when dealing with a broken heart and believe me when I say that alcohol will never provide you a solution. And you’re not crazy if your ex is perpetually in your thoughts, haunting you. So how do you know if you’re still into your ex?

Relationship mementos

These are not just gifts like the sweater your ex gave you when you went to the movies or that silver ring that used to represent the undying love. We don’t want to let go of all that. Those are relationship souvenirs. But what I’m trying to say are those simple things that remind you of your ex such as the movie tickets of the first movie you watched together or the Starbucks cup you doodled on together one random Sunday. Trashing them is freeing.

Weak knees whenever you see your ex

You feel more than the butterflies in your stomach. Sometimes it’s the entire zoo. You’re shaking to the core and afraid of a projectile vomit. Sounds familiar? If you still feel this whenever you see your ex then chances are you’re still not over the relationship.

Still seeing the future together

There are times when you are alone playing Adele on your phone then all of a sudden you reach out and texted your ex. After which you rolled on your bed and visualized a future where your ex is still part of it. This misguided belief is keeping you from living life. No one really knows what the future holds and it is best to remember that breakups happen for  reason and more often than not, that reason is really good one. Stop holding back. How can you move forward if you’re still looking at the past?


Because of technology, it is easy today to monitor and find out what keeps your ex busy. One day, you saw an Instagram post of a screen cap from your ex which includes a conversation from someone. So you contacted your ex’s friends, relatives and acquaintances to find out if romance is brewing in the horizon. This is disrespectful to your ex’s privacy and you’re just trying to hurt yourself even more.

Trash talk

You post hate status, photos and share hateful links which pertains to your ex (directly or indirectly) across social media. You drink with your friends and once the alcohol start to kick in; you lash out to them saying hurtful things about your ex. This is really nasty. Yes, it’s unhealthy to keep that anger and residual hate inside of you but channeling it to the social media and friends may blow back to your pretty face. Try alternative activities where you could release it such as hitting the gym, boxing or running.

Everything reminds you of your ex

You shed tears and sometimes mournful sobs which makes you sound like a dying walrus after hearing your theme song. Your weekly mall hopping activities are never the same anymore. You’re Saturday coffee ritual are spent alone. Not only that, but you have a list of what you want to tell him when you ran into him. Try to ditch the list and take this time to be with the people who are still in your life. You spent too much time in past relationship so why not spend your time now to those who truly care about you?


You tend to dress up when you go out in the high hopes of bumping into the one who broke your heart and when you see your ex, your life suddenly feels great. Obviously, you’re better off without your ex in your life. Time will come and you’ll realize how much you missed in life because you made that person the center of your universe.

No matter how much you still love your ex; there is no direction but to move forward. It is nice to reminisce from time to time but lingering to those memories longer than an episode of Sherlock often leads to an emotional breakdown. Remember that this is the time to focus on yourself and not to the one who broke your heart. Being single doesn’t mean being alone.

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