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Mobile Tech: Best Smartphones and Tablets at CES

posted 6 months ago

CES 2012 was a treasure trove for tech enthusiasts looking for the newest gadgets and electronic devices from the leading manufacturers today. At the forefront of the consumer market right behind televisions is the continually growing mobile computing industry which includes laptops, smartphones and tablets. With portability gaining the most importance among buyers in the world today, let’s take a look at the best smartphones and tablets showcased at this year’s CES.


Razer Project Fiona

Razer looks to be serious in moving from gaming peripherals into the mainstream PC market with their newest tablet concept, Project Fiona. Demo’ed with FPS game Firefall, the tablet runs on Windows 8 and packs enough power to satisfy gamers looking for the best tablet gaming experience. With a 10.1 inch screen at 1280x800 resolution, Ivy Bridge Intel Core i7 CPU and a solid state drive, the device looks promising.

Probably its most notable feature is the left and right game pad handles which will have an accelerometer and force feedback. No word yet as to whether the handles will be made detachable in the final product. As it’s still in the concept stage, the specs are still sure to change but Razer will probably end up with a sweet gaming tablet when it releases it later this year.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

Also showcasing the Windows 8 platform, Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga is touted as the first multimode notebook that you can fold like a laptop or flip into a tablet. Indeed, its Yoga name tag can give you an idea of its nifty feature of being flipped and folded into at least four usable positions which Lenovo terms as notebook, tablet, stand and tent.

While there have been convertible laptops before, the IdeaPad Yoga has apparently solved the traditional problems: the hinge weakness with stronger design and keyboard damage with leather lining.

The 13 inch display is also a 10 point capacitive touchscreen and will be powered by an Ivy Bridge series CPU along with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD storage. It’s estimated to retail upwards of $1,000 when it comes out in the second half of 2012.

Asus Memo 370T

With their blazing fast new Memo tablet, Nvidia and Asus are looking to capitulate on the very plum midrange tablet market that Amazon’s Kindle Fire successfully pierced last holiday season. The 370T doubles up on the CPU power with a quad-core Tegra 3 and will be running on Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich.

Sporting a 7 inch display at 1280x800 resolution, the tablet feels just right for its size. It will also have 1GB RAM, 16GB storage, an 8MP camera, Micro USB and Micro HDMI ports and a microSD card reader. For the announced price of $250, the Memo 370T is looking like a very affordable yet powerful device that will probably set the trend for other tablets as well as affecting the portable gaming console market.


Nokia Lumia 900

Partnering with Microsoft, Nokia is roaring to get back its former glory in North America, starting with the Windows Phone based Lumia 900. Due to be initially available with AT&T’s 4G LTE network, the Lumia 900 is definitely a looker as well as a keeper, with a 4.3 AMOLED display, Carl Zeiss lens camera, dual LED flash, 16 GB memory, as well as a 1.4GHz Qualcomm processor to make sure it runs smooth and fast.

The design is stunning as well and both Microsoft and Nokia both expect the device to push their companies’ respective agendas of greater Windows Phone awareness further. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer even boldly predicted that the Windows Phone will be counted among iOS and Android as the top mobile platforms this 2012.

Motorola Droid 4

The first Droid gained acclaim as being the best Android device of its time and with the 4th incarnation, Motorola is seeking that spot again. It aims to correct the pitfalls of the Droid 3 with the combination of Android OS, a sliding keyboard and a 4G LTE connection from Verizon.

Keyboard-needy buyers can finally rejoice when the Droid 4 is released as the sliding keyboard lives up to every expectation – comfortable, backlit and pleasing to the eyes. The final product will run on Ice Cream Sandwich as well for a smoother mobile experience.

HTC Titan II

HTC is pushing the current limits of smartphone devices with their monster of a device: the Titan II. Boasting the highest megapixel back camera yet of 16 megapixels and one of the largest screens with its 4.7 inch Super LCD display, the aptly named Titan II will run on Windows Phone platform and be carried by a 4G LTE network.

While the device may be very similar in appearance to the first Titan, the second incarnation has a softer feel to it which will make it more comfortable to use and hold, as well as an improved battery life. We’ll have to wait quite a bit for more details though as HTC have yet to make an announcement on its price and release.

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