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Last Minute Gift Ideas

posted 5 months ago

Christmas, being celebrated in a chilly season of December, is the perfect season to rekindle the warmth of love to your friends and family. December is the perfect month to make everything special by giving them the gifts that they deserve. However, with the busy schedules that we all have, we still find ourselves cramming for the perfect gift to give our special people.

Even though malls and other crowded establishments have already played Christmas songs as early as October, we still find ourselves unprepared for the gift-giving season. To save ourselves from the awkward situation of not handing any gift at all, here are some sure-to-be-appreciated last minute gift ideas.


Everything will surely be appreciated by girls. It’s not a secret that it’s not so hard to think of those things that can make any girl happy. But since it’s already known to us that everything makes them happy, choosing for the best gift that will stand out is the big challenge.

  1. Bag. An oversized one - Girls like to carry oversized bags whenever and wherever. They would always like to be prepared in times of unexpected events that they always feel the need to carry their cosmetics, toiletries, journals, gadgets, beds and comforter.... uh? Seriously speaking, girls love to carry stuff that makes them feel prepared whenever. It’s always a good idea to give them a cute bag that comes with a matching purse because, hey, aside from carrying everything, girls love to keep their things organized too.
  2. Nail Polish - Not everyone loves cosmetics but there are only a few who hates nail polish. Or are there even girls who hate to color their nails? Make-up is a good idea but there are girls who have sensitive skin who cannot enjoy putting art on their faces. Instead, opting for a nail polish will make them feel prettier. With the fad of nail art and caviar nails nowadays, it is best to choose a nail polish color that can be both classy and playful.
  3. Camera - Girls love to take pictures not only of themselves but also of their loved ones. They like to keep pictures of everyone or everything to be reminded of the moments that happened in their lives. Camera is the perfect gift for mushy people -- girls are mushy people.


Choosing a gift for a man is hard task. Guys are not vocal enough to tell their likes and dislikes and this makes the task more difficult. When choosing for a gift for your dad, brother or boyfriend, these are the gifts to be considered that will surely be useful for a boy, because boys will be boys, of any age:

  1. Necktie - Every guy needs a neck tie for a special occasion. When choosing for a necktie, make sure to go the extra mile of finding their favourite color and match it with the necktie that you are purchasing.
  2. Belt - Since men don’t always spend too much time shopping, they just pick the jeans that they think would fit them. They don’t normally pay attention of the size since they always have belts. A belt is a staple in a man’s closet.
  3. Video games - Whatever the age, men would always love to sulk in the corner and play their favourite video games. For some, video games is their way of distressing. A good arcade game can also be your way of bonding with your dad, boyfriend or little brother.


Kids normally love anything that is colorful. Giving them a gift that is colorful enough to tickle their imaginations will surely be appreciated not only by them but their parents as well.

  1. Art set - Since kids love colors, an art set that is complete with crayons, pastels, colored pencils, paint and paint brush is the best gift to be given to kids. There will always be a part of us that will always love to try art. Have you ever had a memory of not wanting to draw when you were still a kid? None? Then a complete art set is a good idea to give your niece, nephew, godson, god daughter or even kids.
  2. Toys - It’s needless to say that kids love toys! Make sure that the toy that you’ll wrap is the recipient’s favourite fictional character or super hero; sports car or doll -- or a toy that they simply love. Those gifts come with a hundred percent guarantee that the kid love your present.
  3. Books - Not all children love books, in fact, most children are uninterested with books. But with the proper selection, children can be more engaged into reading books. Pick those books that are interactive -- produces sounds, have puppets, can be colored or anything that involves a story about their favourite cars, trucks, cartoons, heroes, etc.

Through gifts, our love for others can be expressed. Receiving a gift that doesn’t make you happy defeats the purpose, though. It’s important that you have assessed the personality of the person that you will give your gifts to before buying one. Christmas comes only once a year. So next time, be more prepared and do better research.

It’s less than twenty days before Christmas, have you wrapped all your gifts already?

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