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How to Show the World and to your Ex You’ve Moved On

posted 4 months ago

Living in a small city or even at school often leads to you bumping into your ex from time to time. We all know the feeling, from an Episcopalian princess or prince with demure aura; you suddenly channel your inner Maleficent or Scar. It is important to be able to show that you’ve moved on in positive ways when you see your ex.

Respond to your ex’s text and messages

You are alone enjoying a cup of coffee when suddenly your ex texts you out of nowhere.  A rush of kept emotions suddenly coursed through your body. Do not reply immediately. It will only show that you’re still desperate to have that person in your life. Instead, reply to the message a couple of days after pretending that it is not a big deal anymore.

Post all of your new activities across social media

The internet is your golden ticket to your new found freedom. Take plenty of your beautiful selfies and post them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Drop a few mysterious status that will have your ex and friends curious on what you are up to. Stay humble with a subtle brag on your posts.

Maintain your positive yet deluding smile

When you bump into your ex, try to give the impression of being happy with deluding smile. Meaning, smile but look preoccupied. Never smile in a flirty or longing way. Make your ex think that you are happy with something else that keeps you busy. Don’t make time for your ex by stopping and starting a conversation. Just keep walking without looking back.

Don’t show you care

Breaking up is never easy and it is perfectly okay to still have feelings to your ex but if you want to show that you already moved forward, they can’t know these things. Avoid going to your ex’s parties or hangout place if you can. Stop making compliments. Stop those “I’m here if you want to talk” messages. If you happen to be in one place together, pretend that they’re not there.

Start dating

One of the only ways to start moving forward is to start meeting other people. You may show your ex that you are starting to see someone by either going to the restaurants you used to go to by not looking desperate. Be seen going out to the movies, going out for coffee but don’t be seen doing anything you will be embarrassed after. If you want a little revenge, try dating one of your ex’s friends but be warned, this could hurt not only you but their friendship as well.

Keep your cool

Act like you’ve been down this road before. The signs you dropped directly to your ex are one thing but showing it to the world will help you reinforce that you already moved on to your ex. Be polite when people asks you on how you are holding up in the break up.

Start hitting the gym or a new sport

Broken hearts are healed at the gym. Not only it is a healthy alternative when you want to release all pent up and residual anger about the break up, but this will also start to tone your muscles. You’ll be hot in no time and by that time; people will start to notice you again. Starting a new sport will also keep you preoccupied and will keep your mind off your ex. Try something that will make you hit your limits. Breakups are opportunities to know you better so why not try something new?

Travels and trips

Remember how Julia Roberts travelled the world after a break up in the movie, Eat, Pray, Love? You don’t necessarily have to fly to Italy or India but you can always hit the beach or go to the countryside. A change of scenery will help you overcome the pain inside by letting new experiences flow in. Try hanging out with the locals in the places you want to travel. Remember to publicize all your travels on social media. Never pass up an opportunity where you can brag about your travels especially if it’s a grand and cool one! Try different things. Conquer your fear. Hate the rollercoaster? Conquer it alone! You’ll feel and value your independence after doing it all by yourself. Be adventurous but keep caution.

Stop daydreaming

When you are alone or out with friends, never show them that you are still thinking about your ex. Try to engage yourself in meaningful conversations with people. Start socializing. It’s best to confide all of your feelings and thoughts to one absolute friend what’s going on. Try listening to pop music to elevate your mood and delete Adele on your playlist.

Dig deeper

People tend to lose the real them when they are in a relationship and oftentimes after a break up they are left broken and bleeding. For you to move on, start thinking about the situation you are in now. Spending time alone on yourself will allow you to truly move forward and detached all feelings for your ex. The more you feel confident and the more you know who you are, it will be easier for you when you bump into your ex. It all starts with you.

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