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Best of the Web: Tech – Black Friday Special

posted 6 months ago

It's Black Friday! Before you rush to buy your much-craved gadgets, check out these awesome tips!

News: Beware of Online Scams this Black Friday

Holiday online shoppers beware: there are more online scams than usual this Black Friday. Along with the usual spam-scams that you get in your inbox, there will be more abundant attempts at this bargain-hunting frenzy from malicious parties keen on taking advantage of you via phishing attempts on your online financial accounts.

The FBI has even released its holiday shopping tips this week to further stress the point. They added to be more cautious about purchasing stolen gift cards and clicking on false ads that are probably just too good to be true. Malware may also be lurking behind ads that give out free offers or huge bargains.

Scammers are also aware of the trending keywords that shoppers will be using in searching for online deals, such as “cyber Monday deals” or “Black Friday deals,” and that they will be creating fake sites with those bogus offers in order to get your financial details. To avoid getting scammed like this, always check the URL of the page you’re on and only buy from trusted sites you already know.

Apps: Recommended Apps for On-the-fly Gadget Shopping

With a multitude of gadget review sites on the web, there’s really no excuse not to check out what critics and the people have to say on that gizmo you want to buy. But sometimes, it just can’t be helped, especially when you’re in a retail store and got immediately hooked on an interesting but unheard-of product on the shelf…

Fortunately, there’s an app for that. A lot, actually. But here are two that are really best for the trigger-happy shoppers out there:

Amazon’s A9 Flow

Amazon Flow lets you check prices on the web using the best scanner currently available in the market. You just need to hold the camera still for a few seconds on the product you wish to check before the app identifies it and gives you its verdict. You’ll get comparisons of the store’s price with those found in online stores, so it’s a really good one to make sure you’re getting the most out of your buck.


Decide works differently from most price-check apps in that it makes predictions on whether the product’s price will go up, down or steady in the near future. It also pays attentions to coming holidays by telling you to wait if you visit a store a few days before that holiday. You can also see price comparisons with other online and retail stores nearby.

With sales and discounts flying all over the place this Black Friday, it helps to make sure you really are getting the best deals around.

Gadgets: Microsoft and Apple Giving Black Friday Discounts on Best Products

This Black Friday is your chance to get really great deals on electronic products from Microsoft and Apple’s online and retail stores.

Microsoft’s 14 retail stores in the country are slashing down prices on their gaming consoles and laptops. Beginning at 12:01 am PST, the stores will open to the public and the discounted sale will last until Monday. There are also exclusive online offers. Here are some of the discounted products:

  • Sony S137GX notebook: from $999 to $599 (online only)
  • Acer Iconia Dual-Screen Touchbook: from $999 to $599
  • Samsung RC512 laptop with Windows 7: from $799 to $499
  • Xbox Ultimate Gaming Bundle, with accessories, one game and 90-day Xbox Live membership: up to $200 off
  • Kinect Sensor Holiday Bundle, plus three games: from $150 to $100 (retail only)

Meanwhile, Apple is gearing their online store for a one-day shopping spree on Black Friday, with discounts on the iPad and iPod. While the details aren’t specified yet, buyers can expect discounts up to 10% on selected items.

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