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Best Apps and Other Software at CES

posted 4 months ago

With all the fancy and flashy electronics revealed at CES, don’t forget the unseen part of these gadgets – the software. There was a lot of new software and apps featured at the show that allow users to do all sorts of new things, or do old things in new and improved ways.


The incredibly simple Magisto video editor was released on the PC and desktops last year but the iPhone app version has just been released at CES. Now it’s going to be easier than before to get those video moments edited and readied for social sharing with your circle of friends.

The magic that Magisto brings is the crazily automated editing that seems to work really well. The app can add the music you choose, then slice the video into transitions and even trim off scenes that could be cut. The music volume will even lower down when people are talking. The only caveat is all the computing and storage will be done in the cloud so you’ll need to be connected and won’t be allowed to download your edited videos, but Magisto reps have assured that this will change in the future.


Augmented reality has been emerging as a unique medium forentertainment and none showcases this more than the Aurasma app for iOS and Android, now with 3D. The app allows you to point your camera on a magazine cover and then watch as it comes to life.

With the added 3D capability, moving your camera view around also moves what you see to the correct perspective. While advertisers will probably be the first to realize the potential of augmented reality, it’s still pretty cool to make your own AR scenes and showcase them to the world.


Once Windows 8-powered computers hit the shelves, BlueStacks will probably earn itself a household name entry. In case you’re wondering what exactly it does, BlueStacks will allow a user to load any Android app in a Windows 8 environment and have it look and feel just like a Metro app.

Previously to-be-released on Windows 7, the company has since negotiated getting the software pre-installed on Windows 8 computers, which will undoubtedly make the beautiful Metro UI packing more punch with access to thousands of apps. The pre-installation will only be available on select manufacturers which will yet be determined.

Corel AfterShot Pro

ompeting against the more popular photo workflow editor Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Corel has released the AfterShot Pro which features the non-destructive editing power of Bibble Labs. Users will be able to view, edit and save images without importing as well as enjoy better metadata features and media management.

It will also have a batch editing feature so that you can save hours from editing multiple photos at the same time. AfterShot Pro works smoothly with Corel’s image editor PaintShop Pro so you can go back and forth between the two programs with a few clicks from their menu interface.


Snapkeys has a lofty goal in mind – to eliminate the need for a QWERTY keyboard on smartphones and tablets. This invisible keyboard intends to do this by reorganizing keyboard characters into just 4 buttons: those that stand on one point (F, Y, T, etc); those standing on two (K, M, W, etc); those on a wide base (L, Z, S, etc); and those with a closed circle (O, P, 6, etc). With only four buttons, Snapkeys then uses predictive typing to figure out exactly what you want to write.

The company behind Snapkeys guarantees a 99% accuracy on predicting what you’re typing. The interface will also have left and right vertical spaces for the spacebar and backspace. With this, Snapkeys will allow your display to reclaim the area that was once allocated for the touch keyboard. It won’t be coming out as an app though, but will be available on future phones and tablets.

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